MythTV UK Freesat frequencies

Another post that is as much for my own note taking as anything else but, on the chance that somebody might find it useful, I decided WordPress would be better than Evernote.

When setting up MythTV I have previously followed the excellent UK-centric guides provided by Garry Parker at When it came to setting up the channels for Freesat I found his guide at no longer worked for me in one small respect – the channel scanning. I did some digging around for Freesat frequencies and here are what I found that work for me on the Wirral.

Frequency Polarity Symbol Rate FEC
10773250 Horizontal 22000000 5/6
10802750 Horizontal 22000000 5/6
10788000 Vertical 22000000 5/6
10817500 Vertical 22000000 5/6

I scanned with all four of these settings, leaving everything else at default and I now have a full set of satellite channels


Retuning Freeview in the Wirral to pick up English TV channels

Before I start this I’ll state up-front that I’m no expert on the whole issue of transmitters and UK TV bandwidth. These are just my notes of how I solved my particular problem. They maybe of use to someone else, but I’m really writing this up so that I can remember how to do it next time, because I don’t want to have to go through that research and experimentation again.

The problem

From the time of the last major transmission change (the digital switchover I believe) we have been receiving Welsh TV channels (BBC Wales, ITV Wales and S4C). Most of the time this wasn’t a problem, but if we wanted to get our local news and weather we had to go hunting for the relevant channel (BBC 1 NW was on channel 805 for example).

Where I live, in Heswall, Wirral, is actually closer to the Moel-Y-Parc transmitter, whereas the transmitter I want to be picking up is Winter Hill.

The solution

  • I reset the TV to factory default.
  • When the auto channel scan started, I aborted it.
  • I selected the manual tuning option and searched for stations on channels 62, 59, 58, 61 and 55, in that order.

I found this information at, which lists all of the stations and channels available on Winter Hill.

Job done. All of the channels are now back where they should be.