Retuning Freeview in the Wirral to pick up English TV channels

Before I start this I’ll state up-front that I’m no expert on the whole issue of transmitters and UK TV bandwidth. These are just my notes of how I solved my particular problem. They maybe of use to someone else, but I’m really writing this up so that I can remember how to do it next time, because I don’t want to have to go through that research and experimentation again.

The problem

From the time of the last major transmission change (the digital switchover I believe) we have been receiving Welsh TV channels (BBC Wales, ITV Wales and S4C). Most of the time this wasn’t a problem, but if we wanted to get our local news and weather we had to go hunting for the relevant channel (BBC 1 NW was on channel 805 for example).

Where I live, in Heswall, Wirral, is actually closer to the Moel-Y-Parc transmitter, whereas the transmitter I want to be picking up is Winter Hill.

The solution

  • I reset the TV to factory default.
  • When the auto channel scan started, I aborted it.
  • I selected the manual tuning option and searched for stations on channels 62, 59, 58, 61 and 55, in that order.

I found this information at, which lists all of the stations and channels available on Winter Hill.

Job done. All of the channels are now back where they should be.

Pseudo drop D tuning using a capo

One of my favourite little tricks is to simulate a drop D tuning by using an upside down capo across the top five strings at the 2nd fret, leaving the bottom E open.

Of course it is not actually a drop D tuning but it allows you to get that full rich 6 string D chord shape and, as an added bonus, when you’re fretting the bottom string everything is back to normal so there are no new shapes to learn.