Fret dressing a new neck

After my experiences of fret leveling/dressing an old neck I felt equipped to have a go on a new neck. Initially I had expected that a new neck wouldn’t need dressing, but I was having trouble getting the action down as low as I’d like and the advice on TDPRI was that all new necks would benefit from it.

I adjusted the truss rod to level the neck, masked it up, and covered each fret with a black permanent marker pen.

A very light pass with my leveling tool and it was very apparent that a leveling was required. It was nowhere near as severe as the leveling of the old worn neck from yesterday, but there were still significant high and low spots.

Here I’ve finished the leveling and am about to start crowning. Note: just as I started I remembered that I was going to be making lots of metal filings in close proximity to a big magnet (the pickup) so I masked it off to avoid a difficult cleaning job.

I’m still without a proper crowning file and so it was more finger punishment with my kludgy home-made tool, but I’m very happy with the end result.


More Telecaster wallpapers

It came as something as a surprise that the search term that brings most people to my blog is “telecaster wallpaper”. So in a shallow attempt to pander to the masses here are some more. They’re all 1920×1200 widescreen format. If you would like different sizes or aspect ratios just leave a comment.

All pictures taken by me with a Nikon D50 and post-processed with The GIMP to adjust the colour curves.