Not all orange amps are Orange

…some of them are Roland. This is an early 80s Roland Cube 100. They’re a fairly rare beast and because they never found great favour and pre-dated the internet there’s very little info about them online. It was always over-shadowed by it’s sexy older brother the Jazz Chorus JC-120, and rightly so. Even so it is not too shabby.

It is a very compact package, being little bigger than the speaker itself. Here are the main points;

  • 100w solid state
  • Twin channel (footswtichable)
  • Clean channel with a bright switch
  • Overdrive channel with twin gain stage and master volume
  • Bass, middle and treble
  • Spring reverb (footswtichable)
  • FX loop
  • Headphone output
  • External parallel speaker output (>8ohm)
  • 1×12″ speaker

As you can see from the picture, for many years it was used as a scratching post by our posse of cats. The overdrive channel is, like most solid state amps, frankly disappointing but the amp is rescued by a glorious clean channel and the excellent spring reverb. I’m glad I dug this one out and am considering giving it a facelift with some fresh tolex and a new speaker grill.

Update: Here’s a PDF copy of the Roland Cube 100 Guitar Amp Service Guide and Schematic should anybody need it.