New overdrive pedal arrives. Behold the Blue Alpaca!

I posted recently about the overdrive pedal that my good friend, Alfie, had made for me. Today it arrived. In the flesh this thing is a real beauty; put together by a craftsman.

I hadn’t expected the personalised baseplate that Alfie added.

Nor was I prepared for the very clean way he added the LEDs to the case. When they’re off you can’t see the LED at all. Switch it on and they glow brightly through the bronze finish.

Of course, none of this beauty matters if it sounds crap, but that is certainly not the case. I’ve only played with it for an hour so far, but it is as close to my perfect overdrive as anything I’ve ever plugged into. It covers the bases from mild and creamy through to biting almost fuzz-like. The tone and hump controls are very subtle. The tone on most pedals leaves you with a 20-30% range of the adjustment between the extremes of what is usable. The tone of the Blue Alpaca is useable right through the range. As will be expected, I’ll be putting my recording where my mouth is, but I’m going to spend a day or two getting to know my new baby first. Patience is a virtue, right?

New overdrive pedal is on its way

A few weeks ago I asked my good friend, Alfie, if he would consider building me an overdrive pedal. I was delighted when he said “yes”. Alfie is the man behind Sydney boutique pedal maker Alfalfasprout69 Custom Shop. Perhaps his best known pedal is a variation on the Way Huge Red Llama, that he calls the Blue Alpaca. Here is a demo of the original.

I’ve asked for a slight variation on the standard build – there is usually an internal trim pot that allows you to tune the EQ to suit a particular guitar. Because I’m hoping to use this with many different types of guitars and basses I asked if this could be moved to the top panel to give an additional level of control. Alfie calls it the “hump” control.

Today I received an email from Alfie telling me that it had just gone into the post, along with a couple of pictures of the pedal. I don’t know about you, but it is a long time since I’ve seen something quite as luscious as that.

Of course, as soon as it arrives I’ll report back with more pictures and sound clips.