It wasn’t how it was meant to start out, but this blog has sorted of turned into a place where I keep track of my personal projects. So far most have them have related to guitar and music, but that won’t exclusively be the case.

The main projects covered so far, should you be interested are:

La Cabronita/Jazzmaster Hybrid

A 25.5″ scale guitar with a Jazzmaster shaped body, taking styling cues from the Telecaster “La Cabronita” and using a pair of Gretsch Filtertrons.

A Minibass

A 24″ scale solid body bass using polyurethane strings.

Custom four string bass

A custom bass, with a carved top sapele body, using an Aria Pro II Avante as donor.

Hybrid Stratocaster/Telecaster

A Strat in a Tele body, using a cheap Tanglewood Nevada as donor.

Voodoo Telecaster

A Telecaster with a couple of twists, a reverse bridge and headstock, chambered body and hybrid heelless thru/set neck (actually a huge neck tenon that extends right under the bridge). This is my first attempt at making a neck from scratch.


Valve overdrive pedal

Using a 12AU7 or 12AT7 running at only 12v to produce a rich creamy overdrive.

Rising Sun Bass

A partcaster bass, combining elements of a Fender Jazz, with some of the styling cues of the 1951 Fender Precision, with a set/glued neck and topped off with a “rising sun” paint job (actually self-cut vinyl graphics).

Left-handed Telecaster

Buoyed by my success with the RockMangle I’m heading straight into my second build: A left-handed Telecaster for a friend. It was Rob who provided me with all of the timber blanks that I’ve been using recently, including my Benford Lestercaster, and I thought it would be nice to make one of them into a guitar for Rob, to say “thank you”.

The RockMangle

My first attempt at building a guitar from a block of wood. Using a pre-made neck (bought on eBay). A carved top guitar with P90s, mainly taking styling cues from the Les Paul Junior and Hagstrom Ultra Swede, but with my own touches.

Shaftesbury Restoration and Modification

A rebuild and redesign of an old hacked about Les Paul copy that I had in the attic.

DIY Valve Amp

Buying and assembling a 5w valve guitar amp kit from AmpMaker and subsequent modifications.

Benford Lestercaster

Not my project per se, but I had a custom guitar built for me by Steve Benford of Benford Guitars.

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