My name is Dave MacLeod. I was born in the East-Midlands of England in 1963, near the small city of Derby (although it was still a town then – eeee an’ it were all fields round ‘ere). I’ve lived in many different parts of the UK; Derby, Northampton, North and South London (they’re almost like different countries), Bromley, Halifax, and for the last 10 years on the Wirral, on the edge of the small town of Heswall.

I’m married to Lorna and have two (almost grown) children; Calum born in 1989 and Lindsay born 1993. We live in a bustling house full of noise and animals. A Newfoundland, a Bullmastiff, a Border Terrier and five cats.

I have a long held passion for making music and have played guitar since I was 16. What I lack in talent, skill and dexterity I make up for in passion and enthusiasm. That sort of goes for the rest of my life too.

Open source software has, of late, taken a more important role in my leisure. I love playing with computers and gadgets. With open source software in general, and Linux/Ubuntu in particular, I feel that have total control over what my desktops, networks and servers actually do. To be frank, I don’t often stray that far from the main road, but I take great pleasure in knowing that I could wander if I wanted to.

Professionally I had a fairly chequered early career history, training as a butcher, a mechanic and a spell on a production line in a sweat-shop toy factory. Everything took off when I discovered that I could make computers do what I wanted them to. This was about 1984/85 and I rapidly fell into the world of an IBM CICS/COBOL Mainframe programmer and immediately felt at home. I’ve since moved on through Analysis, Team Leading, Dept Management and latterly freelance Project and Programme Management. Throughout all of this I have kept my hands dirty in my spare time (learning and developing apps/services in Turbo Pascal, C, C++, Java, PHP, Ruby). Woe betide the programmer that tries to bullshit me! Next on my list is Objective C and developing for the iPhone. Perhaps a dip into developing Adobe AIR apps too. Strangely, from a professional perspective I’ve recently moved further away from technical PM roles and I’m currently totally absorbed by the challenges of business optimisation and defining commercial strategy for a large UK insurer.

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