Arduino Design, Prototypes and Fiddling

Earlier this week I noticed that Autodesk have launched a new online tool that allows you to prototype and test electronic circuits, including Arduino. Once you’re happy that you’ve got it working you can turn your design into a PCB and then order them online with worldwide free shipping. Strikes me as an immensely useful tool/resource for anybody interesting in pedal building and miscellaneous electronics projects.

Today I finally had a chance to play about with it and I “built” myself a simple circuit that flashes through 8 LEDs and includes an analogue input (a potentiometer) to control the speed. You can see and play with my first prototype at


I’ve got an Arduino kit tucked away in a drawer and this has suddenly provided me with the opportunity to see how I can turn my tabletop bread-board experiments into something useful and useable.

2 thoughts on “Arduino Design, Prototypes and Fiddling

  1. This is really cool Dave. Gives me a kick in the pants to try out these boards.

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