Missing Links

Over the 30 years of playing guitar I’ve owned loads of gear, but there are some classics that I’ve never owned. It was triggered by an advertisement for a classic Big Muff Pi. I have borrowed one and it remains one of my favourite hooligan pedals but I’ve never had one on my own pedalboard.


The set me thinking… what other classic items had I missed out on? First and foremost, given my love for their kit, I’ve never owned a Marshall. I’ve played plenty and can’t think of one I’ve ever come across that didn’t do its job well. Whether I like the job it is designed for is another matter entirely, of course.


The other big omission is Gibson. I’m not really a Les Paul sort of person, but I love their J-45 and J-200 acoustics, SGs, the LPJr and Melody Maker. And one of my all time favourite guitars of all time mate* is the ES-335. How have I made it through 34 years without ever having owned a Gibson? 10 years ago I could have said it was the price but these days they are turning out some mighty fine, reasonably priced guitars (viz. the 50s and 60s reissues). No excuses. I just never got round to it.


Will I ever put this right? Who knows but it feels like a musical life with missed opportunities if I don’t.

So what are the big holes in your gear history?

* copyright Smashy and Nicey.

7 thoughts on “Missing Links

  1. Apologies folks, but a correction is in order. An old friend emailed me about this post and it triggered… I have owned a Gibson. About 10 years ago I won a worn cherry LP Studio in a competition. I went to collect it from Gibson’s London HQ in Charlotte Street. It had a shocking quality of finish (lifting frets, high action, overspray, etc) and I sold it immediately. All of the problems were fixable and, had it come via a decent music shop all would have been resolved before purchase – but I was so disappointed. It was with me less than 10 days so I’m not going to count it. Let us pretend it never happened. The post above stands.

  2. Too many to list!

  3. All of the above! I have to say though, I’ve never been a Marshall person. I enjoy playing through them from time to time but I think I will always favour the fender sparkle. I’ve also never owned a telecaster which one of these days I will correct…

  4. Nice write up Dave, I’ve always wanted a Marshall and have only really plays through a couple and I mean a quick go at the music store, I actually prefer the Brit heavy crunch to the american Hi-Gain tone. One of these days I may purchase a Marshall just to say I’ve owned one. I really like the 1 watt all valve series they have and I really cant argue with the price of those tiny heads because I paid bout the same for my 5 watt blackstar amp.

    A Telecaster was my first real guitar and I fell in love with them, unfortunately I couldn’t find any that tailored to heavy music that I could afford at the time and once I got the feel of an Ibanez Wizard neck its hard to stray away from. I still want a more metal inspired working mans telecaster and a genuine USA fender telecaster standard in Blonde/Black Pick guiard/maple fretboard.

    I use to really dislike the Big Muff but once I build my own clone with mod’s just wow!!! wow!! what a sound. I see why the yanks call it singing sustain, yeah its dirty, nasty and can be difficult to tame but once you dial in that sweetspot its absolute heaven…

    Gibson. Well I’ve only ever found one Gibson guitar I liked the feel of and that wasnt even a Gibson, it was an Epiphone Les Paul in Royal Blue. It has the most sexy flame top and felt really nice but i couldnt afford it at the time. I use to have my heart set on an SG but then after playing a few it just didn’t sit right with me. These days I’m more of a fender shape man and just have very minimal desire to own a Gibson, however I do like the Thunderhorse Explorer and the 1984 epiphone explorer ex.

    hmm.. now you’ve added more things to my gas list 😉


  5. i’ve never owned a gibson either. think i should. tempted by an SG but as i already have 3 solid bodies i may go with a 355.

    • The SG or 335 would be near the top of the list for me too, although I don’t like the strap button on the neck heel. If I was buying a Gibson today I think it might be a single-cut Les Paul Jnr with a pair of P90s.

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