Fender Twin with 12AT7 in the preamp

Day 3 with the Twin Reverb and I managed to get a couple of hours to explore further. I tried swapping the 12AX7 tube in V2 (the Vibrato channel) for a 12AT7. It’s a fairly subtle change. It means that the preamp doesn’t slip into overdrive as easily. I’ll leave it in for now but no doubt I’ll be going back to the 12AX7 before too long.

I also got chance to experiment with my collection of pedals. As many of others have already documented, the Twin Reverb is a great amp with pedals. I had most fun with this stripped down setup. Perfect for rockabilly twang. The gem of these is Alfie’s Blue Alpaca. It just makes the amp sing.


Right to left they are: Behringer DC9 Compressor, Nocturne Brain Seltzer, Alfalfasprout Custom Shop Blue Alpaca (inspired by the Way Huge Red Llama) and finally a DigiTech DigiDelay for a bit of slapback.

All of this was with my Telecaster. I’m really looking forward to 12th Jan when I’ll have my Gretsch 6120DSV back home.

4 thoughts on “Fender Twin with 12AT7 in the preamp

  1. I wish I would have never sold my Twin or My Supper, every time I play one I have sellers remorse.

    • Ah seller’s remorse. Hateful. That’s why I’ve ended up with a room full of gear. I daren’t sell any – just in case. 😦

  2. That is a lovely amp. I played through a similar one in a support slot a couple of years ago and it sounded wonderful. I think the 70’s fender amps get rather mixed reviews which certainly helps the price! I’ve seen similar era bassman heads go for a song, one of these days I’ll pluck up the courage and snag one.

    • Thanks! Grab one while they’re still relatively cheap. It is only going to be a matter of time before people realise how undervalued they are.

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