New Amp Day

The Behringer GM110 has headed off to a new home (a gift for an ampless friend) and so I was in the market for a replacement. I’ve spent a while enviously and forlornly looking at classic Fender amps. Over the last year everything I’ve been looking for has been summed up by that shimmering, sparkling Fender clean sound. In Nashville earlier this year I spent a very happy afternoon with a Princeton Reverb and I was sold and have been keeping my eyes peeled for one at a reasonable price. Unfortunately they rarely appear for sale, and when they do they’re far from reasonably priced.

I’d always assumed that the big boy of the Fender range was out of my price range and then I stumbled across a silver-face Fender Twin Reverb on eBay at around half the price of a Princeton. Deal done and the new baby arrived at home this afternoon. It is one of the late 70s models which is not loved by the cognoscenti. The downside is that it is 135 watts! I’ve got plenty of headroom to play with! Everything is working fine but it is overdue some TLC. It’ll get a clean and fettle over the next few days. To say I’m happy with it would be something of an understatement. In fact, let’s leave it there. I’ve got a new toy to play with. Ciao.


8 thoughts on “New Amp Day

  1. Nice score Dave, u don’t see them much in AU either on the s/hand market. 135w …. Ouch that’s some serious headroom and in guessing with such a clean tone it would take pedals really well…

  2. Congrats! I had a huge crush on the your amps’ little brother, the Fender Deluxe Reverb, for a long time. Even found a mid-70’s silver face one for cheap, but let it go due to the usual reasons at the time.
    Anyway, I’m excited to hear how you tame that beast. 135W! Perhaps an attenuator? There are a lot on the market.
    Which reminds me, I’m curious how you handle the differences in tone and responsiveness playing “at home” volumes to playing “on stage” volumes?

    • I’m not planning to tame it! I was after the amp for its clean tones and it can do those at low volumes. With the Twin it is possible to remove a pair of the output valves and disconnect one of the speakers to reduce the power by half and I may experiment with that.

      As regards the differences between playing at home and live, I have completely separate rigs for both. There can be some overlap, but generally I use the amps and pedals at home and a Line 6 Pod XT Live straight into the mixer for live work – not that the latter is happening much these days.

      • Wow! Thanks for the quick reply!
        That headroom does sound really appealing…must fight G.A.S.!
        Maybe you’ve written about it in the past, but was it difficult to dial in what you like on the Line 6 Pod XT for live settings? How much experimentation was needed in those live settings until you found what you liked?

  3. > was it difficult to dial in what you like on the Line 6 Pod XT for live settings? How much experimentation was needed in those live settings until you found what you liked?

    Not difficult at all. It came with some great presets that only needed minimal tweaking. Then again, I keep things very simple for live use – warm and cleanish amp tones, touch of reverb and perhaps a smidgen of chorus for the ballady songs. I find the more complex tonal palettes just muddy things up in a live setting.

  4. Great amp there bro,
    I got two of these, one has the Blackface mod done to it, the other is 100% original. If I didn’t get such bad GAS I would only need the one… lol
    Killa amp best cleans you can find.

    • Thanks. I had very high expectations but it has already exceeded them. The clean tone is to die for and I am really impressed with the really excellent EQ section – it is easier to dial in a good tone than any other amp I’ve tried.

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