Behringer GM110

This week I was perusing eBay and saw an auction about to finish. No bids and a very low starting price and it was just round the corner. A couple of clicks later and I was the proud owner of a Behringer GM110 Vintager for the princely sum of £24.09 (about US$40).

So what did I end up with? The GM110 is a 30w solid-state, analog modelling amp, appearing to draw on the great work done by Tech 21. It has a great set of connection options, especially for a budget amp; an FX loop, headphone output and a balanced XLR output. It has a single 10″ Jensen speaker. Other highlights are the quality of the finish; a very sturdy cab, big chrome corners, a high quality leather handle, and the shiny finish to the chassis, reminiscent of some of the old Fender amps. Oh and chicken-head knobs. I just LOVE chicken-head knows.

The controls, left to right, are the gain, three switches, bass, middle and treble and master volume. The three switches are for the amp model (Tweed, British and California), the gain structure (clean, hi-gain and hot) and the speaker cab type (flat, 4×12″ closed back, 2×12″ open back).

The amp is shockingly loud for such a small beast and with the the various modelling options covers a huge range. My initial favourite is the tweed model with the middle gain option through the 2×12. With the gain at around 50% it really nails that clean sound that is just on the right side of crunch. Right into the heart of classic Fender territory, a characterful bell-like clean tone.

It is the perfect amp for my needs – as a small convenient combo for pairing with the Gretsch 6120 when I’m away from home. I couldn’t be happier with it.

3 thoughts on “Behringer GM110

  1. Kewl Score, I use to see these at a music store I use to go too, never tried it though… but it sounds like a good one…

    • Its definitely a set up from the usual practice amp (which is what I was actually after). I’m looking forward to trying it with the PodXT going straight into the FX Return, bypassing the pre-amp.

  2. Combos really are so convenient. Can’t wait to hear some samples!

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