Not all orange amps are Orange

…some of them are Roland. This is an early 80s Roland Cube 100. They’re a fairly rare beast and because they never found great favour and pre-dated the internet there’s very little info about them online. It was always over-shadowed by it’s sexy older brother the Jazz Chorus JC-120, and rightly so. Even so it is not too shabby.

It is a very compact package, being little bigger than the speaker itself. Here are the main points;

  • 100w solid state
  • Twin channel (footswtichable)
  • Clean channel with a bright switch
  • Overdrive channel with twin gain stage and master volume
  • Bass, middle and treble
  • Spring reverb (footswtichable)
  • FX loop
  • Headphone output
  • External parallel speaker output (>8ohm)
  • 1×12″ speaker

As you can see from the picture, for many years it was used as a scratching post by our posse of cats. The overdrive channel is, like most solid state amps, frankly disappointing but the amp is rescued by a glorious clean channel and the excellent spring reverb. I’m glad I dug this one out and am considering giving it a facelift with some fresh tolex and a new speaker grill.

Update: Here’s a PDF copy of the Roland Cube 100 Guitar Amp Service Guide and Schematic should anybody need it.

3 thoughts on “Not all orange amps are Orange

  1. I’m actually pretty happy with my Fender 112Plus. It’s a solid state but I find it the most reliable of all the amps that I’ve had. People knock a lot of solid state amps for no really good reason.

    I’m finding that a lot of gear is being bought and sold on the magical theory that it will be “better” but I find that it’s all in the ears of the beholder.

    • You’ve nailed it. So much is stuff is bought based on how cool it is (what brand of valves, how old it is, who used to own it, etc) when the ONLY thing that matters is how it sounds.

  2. I have loved solid state amps since the 80’s. I remember everyone dumping the old tube amps in favor of the newer solid state and “digital” amps of the 80’s. These day I like to have both around depending on what I’m trying to do. I’m going to get me a JC120 some day… but not today.

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