New Guitar Day (Almost)

It is a long time since I’ve posted but work has taken me far from my family and beloved guitar building projects so there hasn’t really been much of interest to post about. Until now that is. I’ve bought a new Gretsch from one of the guys on the Gretsch Pages. It was brought to my attention by prolific guitar blogger and co-host of the Six String Bliss podcast, Pappy.

The guitar was located in Tallahassee, FL. Part of the offer was free postage to any of the 48 states. I couldn’t take that option but it occurred to me that I could have it sent to Pappy and give him a few weeks with it, as a “thank you” for helping me track it down, and also to provide content for The Fifth Fret

Today Pappy kindly posted the first few pictures of my new baby. May I present to you the unboxing of my Gretsch G6120-DSV-BLK.

And here she is alongside Pappy own downright gorgeous 6118T.

Although never promoted as a reissue the guitar is a close reworking of the 1957 Chet Atkins 6120, complete with single coil Dynasonic pickups and hump-block fret markers. It is the dowdy sibling of the G6120-DSW which bore all of the additional “Western” ornamentation. Most were produced in the standard Gretsch orange colour, but around 20 were produced in Black. The model was relatively short-lived and made way for the 6120DE Duane Eddy signature in April 2011.

6 thoughts on “New Guitar Day (Almost)

  1. She’s a stunner Dave! Hat off to you for not launching yourself in to the Atlantic on the long swim to your new Ax.

    • Thanks! Hahaha, the thought had crossed my mind (not swimming). I’m 30 mins away from Gatwick and there’s a flight to Atlanta leaving at 9:15 tomorrow morning… pretty cheap this time of year too…

  2. Looks amazing! I look forward to your blog post once you have it in your hands!

  3. Whoa, what an incredible guitar and only 20 made in black, she defiantly a keeper… !!!
    Nice one Dave!

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