Finishing the Jazzmaster

I was just left with a few jobs to finish off the Jazzmaster.

I cut myself a bone nut blank from my stash.

Sanded it to shape and marked the string slot positions.

And checked the fit.

Normally I would fix it in place with a small dab of CA glue, but the fit is very snug and so I’m going to leave it as it is for now.

That just left me with giving it a final wax polish, installing the pickups, wiring it up, giving it a fresh set of Ernie Ball Slinkies and a rough setup.

There are a few jobs left to do, such as applying a headstock logo and making a truss rod cover, but I’m going to be too busy playing it for the next couple of days.

This one has been a smooth build. A couple of interesting challenges, a few new skills to learn, 10 days of work (in the region of 40-50 hours) over 18 elapsed days and a final total cost of £156.06. I’ll call that a result.

9 thoughts on “Finishing the Jazzmaster

  1. That is amazing. I love the looks of it and the choices you made look great. I love the narrow spacing of the tuning machines. Billy Zoom says this increases tuning accuracy and stability (that’s why he likes the skinny Jet headstocks instead of the wide ones from the late Pre-Fender Gretsch era).

    Looks like it was a pretty great deal price-wise, too!

    • Thanks Russ. I’m delighted with how it turned out. I’d only ever played a Jazzmaster sitting down before. The balance on a strap is just amazing. Even with the hard edge of the binding it is a very comfortable guitar. Those Filtertrons sound great too. Thanks for the advice about Shanghai. Joel’s service was top notch.

  2. Firstly Can I say , I am just blown away by these builds! you have an incredible talent. I wish i could build guitars , I am quite jealous indeed.. Where did you get that nut diagram from , I’ve never seen that before and it looks super handy

    • Thanks Gavin. Much appreciated. I can’t remember where I found it so I emailed you a copy of the nut layout diagram.

  3. Just gorgeous! Such a clean looking guitar. You did another great job. Great improvement of a First Act neck! Makes me want to add a jazzmaster to the fold. I’m looking forward to hearing some clips of it in action. Also, if you get a chance, take some video from the headstock of you playing it!

    • Thanks. I’ll hopefully get some clips recorded this week.

      +1 on getting a Jazzmaster. It is a very comfortable and well balanced shape.

      The headstock mounted video camera might have to wait a while longer. I had stored it away on the top of the bookcases in my man cave. A couple of weeks ago it slipped down the back of the one bookcase that isn’t as deep as the others. Screwed to the wall and 7′ tall (great title for a song, eh?). I’m going to have to make v2 because v1 isn’t going to see the light of day until we remodel the room. :\

      • Ha! I have one of my kid’s mini drum sticks in the same situation…behind a bookcase “screwed to the wall and 7′ tall’! Excellent name for a song!

  4. All hail Dave the master guitar builder!

    Another beautiful, unique guitar.

    I can empathise with how you lost your camera mount. I have those Ikea shelves where the CD ones are not as deep. I think something fell down the back of mine, but I’ve since moved things around and was able to retrieve it. I still have a hole in the corner, but it has stuff on top. I ought to nail a board on there to be safe.

    • Well spotted Steve. That is exactly what happened. I did have some ideas for improvements so it may not be a bad thing.

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