New overdrive pedal is on its way

A few weeks ago I asked my good friend, Alfie, if he would consider building me an overdrive pedal. I was delighted when he said “yes”. Alfie is the man behind Sydney boutique pedal maker Alfalfasprout69 Custom Shop. Perhaps his best known pedal is a variation on the Way Huge Red Llama, that he calls the Blue Alpaca. Here is a demo of the original.

I’ve asked for a slight variation on the standard build – there is usually an internal trim pot that allows you to tune the EQ to suit a particular guitar. Because I’m hoping to use this with many different types of guitars and basses I asked if this could be moved to the top panel to give an additional level of control. Alfie calls it the “hump” control.

Today I received an email from Alfie telling me that it had just gone into the post, along with a couple of pictures of the pedal. I don’t know about you, but it is a long time since I’ve seen something quite as luscious as that.

Of course, as soon as it arrives I’ll report back with more pictures and sound clips.

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