Credit where credit is due

There are a number of suppliers I use for buying guitar parts for my builds. One of those is consistently cheaper than many of the alternatives. The combination of good quality items and very low prices kept me coming back but I always had a lingering concern that, if something went wrong, I may end up losing out. Well today my fears were put to rest.

I had ordered some parts for the Jazzmaster last Thursday – a pair of pots, some strap buttons, a pair of knobs and a pickup selector switch. The package arrived this morning and the selector switch was missing. In its place was a 250kohm CTS pot that I hadn’t ordered. It is a simple mistake to make. I immediately emailed explaining what had happened. Within 30 secs I got a response that read;

Doh, sorry Dave. Switch on the way. Keep the pot as a spare…less hassle.

So I want to say a special thank you to Tony at axesrus.
That is what customer service looks like.

I’m particularly pleased with the chrome knurled knobs with the black pearl inlay too. So much so that I’ve ordered matching black pearl dots for the fretboard markers.

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