Routing the Jazzmaster body to shape

Starting with the glued up blank I planed both faces, using the router and my planing jig.

Once I’d got it down to the thickness I wanted (39mm or 1.5″) I drew round the template…

…drilled some relief holes…

…and trimmed the blank close to shape on the bandsaw.

I attached the template with double-sided tape and routed as deep as a I could, removed the template and carried on, again as deep as I could, and then flipped it over and finished off with the bottom bearing cutter.

I finished the day by rounding over the back edge.

And I think I may have sorted out the pickups. Joel from Shanghai Guitars has been in touch and he’s got the chrome Filtertrons in stock. We just need to sort out the shipping costs and how I can get the cash to him.

2 thoughts on “Routing the Jazzmaster body to shape

    • I had tried loads of places searching for Filtertrons and then remembered you talking about Shanghai as a great Gretsch dealer – so dropped Joel an email on the off chance he’d have some available. Result! Thank you.

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