Minibass: Carving the body and testing the pickup and preamp

I didn’t get too much done today. I got the raw bone roughly trimmed into a nut-like shape, and then worked on the body contour carving. I’ve still got more to do, finessing the shape, but it is getting close to what I had in mind.

I also made a few modifications to the bridge, to accept the Artec piezo pickup. I needed to drill the hole for the lead and extend the bottom of the slot slightly because, whilst the slot is 64mm long, the pickup is 70mm. I was able to drill a 3mm hole into the bottom edge of the slot to accommodate it. I then did a quick test to check whether the piezo and preamp would be suitable.

Far from conclusive but at least it is making bass-like noises. I’m hoping the plug cutting set arrives tomorrow and I can get going on the fretboard inlays (after testing my ideas on scrap first).

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