Routing the bass’ pickup cavity and gluing the neck joint

Despite my earlier pessimistic post, I did finally get a rain-free hour and I was able to get on with the final few woodworking jobs.

I first made a template for routing the pickups. I started by drilling the three 13mm holes for the pickup ears and then cut the shape out for the body of the pickup.

I tested it a couple of times on a piece of scrap MDF, making slight changes with a rasp and sandpaper, until I was happy with the fit.

I attached it to the bass body with double sided tape and routed it to 16mm deep, testing the fit at the point where I needed to remove the template to get to the final few millimeters.

I drilled the two holes into the control cavity for the pickup lead and bridge earth strap and then just had time to pack everything away before the rain returned.

After packing away I moved inside, checked the fit of the pickup, and then glued and clamped up the neck.

Tomorrow, should I get a gap in the weather, I need to drill the pilot holes for the strap buttons and bridge mounting screws, and then I’m on to sanding it down in preparation for the finish. Thankfully these two jobs don’t need much kit so I can quickly jump in and out to take advantage of any breaks in the weather. If all goes well I should get the first few coats of finish on tomorrow. This is my favourite part – where you first see the true colour and grain pattern of the wood.

2 thoughts on “Routing the bass’ pickup cavity and gluing the neck joint

  1. That looks fantastic! In your post about the pilot holes would you describe how you line them up and get them straight? Thanks!

    • Thanks. Yes I will do. Weather not looking promising today though. Hopefully it is going to be better over the weekend.

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