Good second day of progress on the custom bass

I started out today with the realisation that I didn’t like the body shape which I’d made a template for yesterday. So I started with making a new template.

I then roughly cut the blank to shape

Planed it to 41mm thick.

Attached the template with double side tape and routed round until the body was trimmed to shape.

I rounded over the back edge.

Made a template for the neck heel and routed the pocket in the body to a depth of 18mm.

To assist with the body carve I routed in steps in 1.5mm increments.

And then sanded them smooth.

Tomorrow I’ll order the bridge and pickup and while I wait for those to arrive I’ll rout out the control cavity and keep going on sanding the body into a smooth organic shape. Delighted with progress so far but I’m absolutely knackered now. Time for a shower and off to the pub to recuperate.

2 thoughts on “Good second day of progress on the custom bass

  1. Nice project. I hope I eventually get enough tools and experience to attempt a custom build. Right now I working on rebuilding an Ibanez guitar. It’s a learning experience.

    • Thanks. Starting with a rebuild is exactly how I got into this. With that experience and a lot of help from Steve Benford at and a couple of forums, and, making the step into building my own was not too hard. Be careful though – it is very addictive!

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