Strat/Tele hybrid completed with 30 mins to spare

In the space of 167.5 hours I have been able to transform this…

…and this…

…into this.

I’m not overly enamoured with the white pickguard and hardware but I’m going to leave it on for a week or two and see if it grows on me. I do really think that a black/white/black pickguard with black pickup covers, knobs and tips will suit the natural finish of the sapele much better.

Of course the pickups are still as crap as when they came out of the Tanglewood so I’ll be shopping for some replacements.

3 thoughts on “Strat/Tele hybrid completed with 30 mins to spare

  1. Just out of curiosity, why the two strap buttons on the bottom of the guitar? I’ve seen that on some tele style Carvins, but not understood it.

    • Somebody else asked me the exact question about 30 mins ago! There are three reasons; #1 It means you can lean it up against a wall or chair and it won’t slide over, #2 it protects the bottom edge from dings, and #3 with the two buttons I use being above the guitar’s centre of gravity it means it hangs really comfortably on a strap.

      I “borrowed” the idea from my Hohner G2T. They licenced the design from Steinberger. No doubt Ned Steinberger will have got inspiration from someone else…

  2. Looks awesome. I’m going to do this to my Peavey Raptor. I don’t care for the double horn look, but this was my first guitar and so I want to keep it around.

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