Using Tumblr as a medium for easily sharing music and pictures

I regularly find that I need to upload a JPG or MP3 so that I can provide a link, either in support of a forum post or just to pass on something to a friend. I’ve recently hit on using for this purpose. The actual process of uploading is a piece of cake. How best to share differs.


When posting a picture in a forum I generally want to link to a scaled version of the picture. Thankfully, on the main tumblr feed, you get a perfectly sized version of your uploaded picture. Right click on it, choose “copy image url” (or whatever your browser offers you) and then paste that into the forum.


I’d previously used the excellent Soundcloud for this, and when it comes to audio where I want to paste a “gadget” into a blog post I’ll keep using that. However for the throwaway interim sketches or snippets of songs tumblr is perfect. There’s no embeddable gadget that I’ve found yet so I simply post the url. In best Blue Peter fashion, here’s one I prepared earlier.

2 thoughts on “Using Tumblr as a medium for easily sharing music and pictures

  1. I think I’ve considered tumblr, but not sure I want yet another site to manage. Picasa allows linking to photos in whatever size you want. I’m mainly using that for photos for blog posts or forums these days.

    Another option is Dropbox if you put stuff in the public folder.

    The tumblr audio player is neat, but the latest browsers can play audio files anyway.

    Can’t say we’re short of options these days 🙂

    • Certainly no shortage of options, but I’ve not yet found anything more robust or simple than tumblr. For pictures in particular is makes it so easy. Upload, right-click, copy url. Done.

      I don’t see it as something that needs “managing” as such. It is more of a miscellaneous pinboard that I can post to, link to and forget about. The only lingering concern I have is whether, at some point, my stuff will get archived and the links will break.

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