More examples of the Variax

Following on from yesterday’s post, which featured the Variax’s acoustic and resonator models, here are some examples of my favourite electrics.

The guitar models/pickup combinations featured are:

  • 1960 Tele Custom – Bridge
  • 1959 Strat – Neck & Middle
  • 1961 Les Paul Custom (3 pickup) – Bridge & Middle
  • 1958 Les Paul Standard – Bridge
  • 1959 Gretsch 6120 – Bridge
  • 1966 Rickenbacker 360-12 – Bridge
  • 1953 Gibson Super 400 – Neck

All of these variations come directly from this one unassuming guitar with no more than the flick of a switch (or press of a footswitch if connected to the PodXT Live).

Recorded in Reaper via the Line 6 PodXT Live. Using the “Line 6 Clean” amp model with the drive and all EQ at “5” (i.e. flat).

And here’s a quick picture of all of the models available as presets.

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