The Line 6 Variax Dilemma

I’ve had a Line 6 Variax 500 for a couple of years now. Of late it had been relegated into a dusty corner of the music room, losing its place to my own built guitars, my amazing custom Benford, and my 78 Telecaster. I had resolved to list it on eBay so dusted it down, put a fresh set of strings on, and took a couple of pictures for the eBay listing. Unfortunately I made the mistake of playing it for 5 minutes.

I had forgotten what a great piece of kit this is. When it comes to recording flexibility there is nothing to beat it. I’m not playing live much these days but it makes a perfect second guitar. As a backup, it can do it all. As a supplement to a main instrument, it can fill in all of those odd slots, for the strange requests of which the British public is so fond.

Ho hum. It is going back on the rack and will be hanging around a wee bit longer.

Here’s a quick recording of some of my favourite acoustic models from the Variax. It starts out with the three 6 string acoustics (Gibson J200, Martin D-28 and Martin O-18), the two 12 string acoustics (Guild F212 and Martin 12 D-28), a resonator (1928 National Tricone) and a banjo (Gibson Mastertone).

It was recorded in Reaper, using the Line 6 PodXT Live with just a touch of reverb.

4 thoughts on “The Line 6 Variax Dilemma

  1. Ooohhh that’s a difficult one. I think my Variax is up there with my Benford in terms of I guitar I can’t see myself ever parting with. It’s the guitar worlds set of tiny mini screwdrivers. You may only ever use them once every 5 years but you just can’t do without a set just in case.

  2. I agree. Keep it! It’s SO versatile …… it’ll come in handy time and again, you’ll see !


    • You’re correct of course Jan. I’d hoped to use it to fund the next build but I’d regret it if I sold it.

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