A cheap chrome switch tip for a Telecaster

I was unhappy with the fit and finish of the standard black plastic Telecaster switch tip on my Voodoo Tele.

I set off searching for a knurled chrome replacement. Despite the size, there is still a lot of work in making one of these and so they’re not cheap. Then I had a brainwave. The switch tip is about the same size as a tyre valve cap. A quick visit to eBay and I had secured myself five “switch tips” for the princely sum of £1.99 (inl P&P).

I removed the rubber sealing washer from one.

I masked of the surface of the guitar and used a pair of wire cutters to crimp a couple of slots into the side of the switch stem.

I mixed up a small amount of bondo (Isopon P38 that I had left over from the Jazzmangle project) and used a cocktail stick to fill the valve cap. I think any epoxy resin would work equally well.

And here’s the finished result. Cool and cheap. What more can you ask for?

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