How the humble hyphen can save guitarists cash

One of the things I’ve noticed over the years is that any product that is aimed at a guitarist, even if the product has other uses, will attract a premium price.

I first noticed this when I was buying copper shielding tape. For example here are two separate eBay auctions.

The first is aimed at the guitarist the second is aimed at the gardener. For the same product of 30mm adhesive copper tape (albeit in different length rolls) the former costs £1.50 per metre, the latter £0.76 per metre.

This last couple of days I have been looking to get some lemon oil to treat rosewood and ebony fretboards. This time the costs differences are even more stark, exacerbated by the tiny packaging available for guitarist. Guitarist’s lemon oil works out at £101.10 per litre. For the woodworker the same quantity costs £25.40.

And this is where the hypen comes in. When you search at eBay or on Google, if you include the text “-guitar” with your search query it excludes all products marketed at the guitarist. Hey, it doesn’t work for everything, but next time you’re buying guitar related stuff just try it and see.

NB: I used for this. In each case found the cheapest available price incl P&P.

3 thoughts on “How the humble hyphen can save guitarists cash

  1. I suppose it also depends on how much you need. A little bottle of lemon oil will last me years. 500ml may be more than I ever need, but I suppose you could split the cost with friends.

    Still, it’s worth trying this if you need stuff in quantity and the ‘guitar’ version is well overpriced.

  2. I have a 59ml bottle I bought many years ago. Still got about a quarter left, so probably okay for now. Thanks for the offer.

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