Next stages of the bass partscaster

This one has been on the back-burner for a while and my son has a new girlfriend and so it isn’t perhaps top of his priorities. Quite understandable I reckon! Now that the Voodoo Tele is just sitting there with the finish curing I needed to occupy myself so I dusted this one off.

There were a few things to correct with the body. We had already fixed the badly cut neck pocket. The bridge pickup rout was incorrect, with the bulges slightly too far apart to all the pickup to fit. I taped some MDF over the neck pickup, which was the correct shape, and, using the bottom bearing cutter, transferred the shape to the MDF, which I then used to correct the bridge pickup rout.

I roughly carved the neck heel to the shape we were going for, masked up the body, and spread Titebond Original in the neck pocket.

Here’s the rough carve of the neck heel.

Now that the neck is securely glued in we can finish carving that to the final shape, getting rid of the corner and feathering the edge of the neck into the body.

We were undecided about whether to go for the control plate on its own (my preference)

Or with the pickguard on too (Calum’s preference)

For now I’ve marked up and drilled the pilot holes for just the control plate. If, once it has been finished and assembled, we agree that it would look better with the pickguard too, we can add that then.

One final job today was to add a hole for the earth strap to run from bridge to control cavity, which was also missing from the body blank. I drilled across from the control cavity and then, in the area that will be covered by the bridge base plate drilled a larger hole down to meet it.

And here she is, finished sanded to 220 grit and ready for the primer to go on.

It is going to get finished in white primer, followed by a white gloss top coat and a red vinyl “Rising Sun” graphic.

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