Voodoo Telecaster: Finishing the back and neck with Danish oil

It has been a few days since I finished lacquering the top and I figured that the surface, whilst still having a long way to go, had cured hard enough to withstand some masking tape. Time to add finish to the back and neck. I used a Stanley knife blade to scrape the edges of the lacquer that had seeped under the masking and then I remasked the guitar, just leaving the sapele visible.

I warmed the can of Danish oil in a tub of water that was just above “hand hot” and then applied with a lint-free cloth, wiping off the excess.

Once this has dried it’ll get another deep soak coat applied with a fresh lint-free cloth. From that point on I like to apply the oil using 600 grit wet and dry, which sort of makes a slurry with previous coats and any imperfections in the wood, and dries to a nice smooth, durable satin finish.

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