Voodoo Telecaster: Lacquer, Decal and Truss Rod Cover

When the Sanding Sealer had dried I couldn’t resist loading up the components onto the body to see how it looked.

I flatted that back with 400 grit and then spent another day adding coats of sanding sealer, leaving it to dry overnight.

I started the morning by flatting it back with 400 grit again and then on with the first coat of lacquer.

After the first coat I applied the decal to the headstock. I had printed it out the previous night and coloured in the text and skull with the liquid gold and silver pens.

After applying the decal, I gave it a couple of very light coats and then started to bury it in the lacquer. In between each coat I would flat back with 600 grit to feather the edges.

And here is it well and truly embedded.

At the same time as these coats of lacquer were going on the headstock I was also doing the body. One thing I’ve noticed about the Rothko & Frost lacquer I’m using this time was that it was a lot more viscous than the Reranch stuff I’d used previously. It was getting very orange-peel-y, as you can see here.

Whilst I was never going to overcome this totally, I flatted back with 600 grit and resolved to try and lay the last couple of coats of lacquer on a little thicker, and hopefully stay just on this side of drips and runs.

It was scary for a minute or two but it had the desired effect. Not without the orange peel effect totally but much better, and the lacquer coats are thick enough now to allow me the luxury of polishing this out.

Now that the lacquer is on I just have to remain patient for at least 2-3 weeks so that it can cure to a state where it is hard enough to polish.

So while that’s happening I’ll get on with some of the other jobs and finishing touches.

First off I need to make myself a truss rod cover. I had though about using a piece of the maple offcut from the cap and then it dawned on me – I still had a lot of that horn left over that I had used for the nut. I timmed off a thin piece

And after 30 mins with increasing grades of sandpaper had this.

I wasn’t too sure about this lighter shade so I trimmed off another piece from the dark end of the horn and crafted this one.

Much better, don’t you think?

And that’s it for now. Tomorrow I’m going to finish up a few of the loose ends on the Rockmangle, and wire up the Tele control panel.

4 thoughts on “Voodoo Telecaster: Lacquer, Decal and Truss Rod Cover

  1. Dave, Out of this world!! I like the black better.
    Man I would love to play this master piece :-0

  2. Thanks! I’m really happy with how it is turning out. Finding the patience to let it sit for 2-3 weeks while the lacquer cures is going to be the hardest part of the whole project!

  3. My first attempt to clear coat Wolverine ended in disaster when I didn’t wait. I can still see every blemish because I didn’t wait. Be strong!

  4. Oh I will. I used to work in auto body repiar in the days of widespread nitrocellulose use and I’ve seen what happens if you go in too early. Min you, in a commercial setting, we rarely left it for more than 3-4 days, but I’m going to give it at least two weeks, which, coincidentally, is the day of the royal wedding, so I’ll be avoiding the TV anyway. 🙂

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