Voodoo Tele: Big leap forward

I’ve made excellent progress today.

Late yesterday I fixed the fretboard to the neck. First I popped in a couple of panel pins and snipped the heads off. This gives me something to locate the fretboard against, to stop it slipping when glued up and the pressure of the clamps is applied.

After greasing the truss rod ends and apply a thin bead of silicone (aka caulk) into the channel, I masked off the truss rod channel, applied the araldite epoxy, removed the masking tape and then fitted the fretboard and clamped it up. The masking tape is to ensure that the epoxy doesn’t squeeze over into the truss rod channel.

And here’s how it came out.

Next I used this small diamond file to clean up the fret ends.

Then I was on to gluing the maple cap sides together.

And while the cap glue joint dried I shaped the neck. First going “old school” with a spokeshave, then rasps, finishing with 40 grit sandpaper. It is difficult to tell from these pictures but I’ve gone for a fairly conservative “C” profile, but with a hint of assymetric “V” shape on the treble side.

Once I was happy with the rough shaping of the neck I glued it into the body.

And then re-routed the body chamber shapes into the neck tenon.

And this is what I was left with at the end of a hard day’s work.

Almost as pleasing as this was getting the parts for the old bandsaw and getting that working again.

And then, to cap off the day, I got confirmation from a kind and talented Baltimore artist, called Jilly Yoffe, that I can use one of her “Dia de Los Muertos” pictures as a headstock logo. Wahay! Result!

3 thoughts on “Voodoo Tele: Big leap forward

  1. You’re progress is amazing! I can’t wait to see the maple cap go on it!

  2. I had another thought about your project. I don’t know what your plans are for the finish, but you could try an unstained stripe around the maple cap so it looks like binding, but is really just unstained wood. Once again, this is an idea you can see on some of the Warmoth bodies. I’ve got it on my Warmoth project guitar and it is quite stunning (IMHO). I’ll put some pics up of my Warmoth guitar so you can see what I’m trying to describe.

  3. Thanks for the feedback and the idea. Do you mean like the way that PRS do many of their bodies, where the edge of the maple cap is left natural? And btw I love the Warmoth bodies and necks. They produce some fabulous stuff. Looking forward to seeing the pics.

    The body is going to get finished with a combination of techniques. The back and neck are getting danish oil. It is really quick to apply and I just love the feel of the oiled neck. The top and headstock face are going to get dyed – with a subtle red/orange burst and then nitrocellulose lacquer on top.

    I’ll give your idea some thought because I’m a bit concerned that if I try to dye the edges, especially the end grain parts, it will be much darker than the rest of the body. This would be the perfect solution, and look cool too. Thanks.

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