Voodoo Tele: Fretting the neck

First job today was to redo a couple of yesterday’s side dots that I wasn’t happy with, and then it was on to fretting the neck.

First I made a simple fretwire bender. I used the new router’s circular cut jig to trim the end of a piece of 12mm MDF to an 8.25″ radius. My fretboard radius is 10″ so I need the wire bent to a slightly tighter curve.

I then cut a slot across the top with a junior hacksaw and, hey presto, fret bender.

Once bent I tapped in the two ends…

…trimmed it to length…

…and then finished seating the fret with three or four firm strikes with my copper hammer.

After that I clamped each edge of the frets and wicked in some CA glue to hold the fret ends.

I saw this technique posted in a thread over at TDPRI, showing how PRS do their frets. If it is good enough for Carlos, then it is good enough for me.

2 thoughts on “Voodoo Tele: Fretting the neck

  1. Well done! It is looking more and more like a guitar. I look forward to your pictures on trimming and leveling the frets! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks. I didn’t take too many pictures of trimming and filing the fret ends but I’m only about half way through that, so I’ll make sure I get some before I’m done!

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