Voodoo Telecaster: Carving heel and neck

Another day of steady progress. I started the day by nicking the back of my hand while making breakfast. Without thinking about it I dabbed it into one of the body cavities. This truly is going to be the voodoo Tele. Perhaps I should grind up some hair and fingernails and mix it with the glue when I set the neck. I think this is what is called the personal touch!

First job today was to remove the clamps from my neck heel repair and to trim it down to shape with a model-maker’s tenon saw.

I drilled the tuner holes out to 10mm and then carefully sanded the back of the headstock to ensure a constant 17mm thickness.

After that it was on to starting the carve of the neck. I made a couple of tentative swipes with the rasp and realised that the profile of the neck, particularly in the upper registers, is going to have to transition from the carve on the body, so that I can get the “heel-less” shape that I’m after. I decided that this is where I’d start and once I;ve got the body to neck transition roughed in I can take that smoothly into the slight “V” neck profile that I’m shooting for.

Here’s the neck heel joint as I start.

When cutting the neck I had left in the curve transition shape between neck and body (normally these are on the body) but I’ve decided that I’m not going to have them on this because they’ll just get in the way of the carve. It took a matter of seconds to whip them off with the bandsaw.

So when I mated up the neck to the body this is what I’ve got.

And after an hour or two of getting to grips with a new set of rasps, here is the rough shape of the neck/body joint.

I’m really happy with how things are turning out, but there’s a long, long way yet to go, and the opportunity to totally bugger it up at almost every step. It is starting to get rather scary.

Oh and here’s a quick shot of how it is looking from the front. Starting to look like a guitar, don’t you think?

I inspected the router damage last night and it is totally beyond repair. Straight on to Amazon and ordered a “Bosch POF 1400”. Once that lands I can skim down the top of the tenon and cut the control and pickup cavities. In the meantime I’ll keep going with the carving and perhaps even make a start on trimming down the ebony fretboard and walloping some fretwire in.

3 thoughts on “Voodoo Telecaster: Carving heel and neck

  1. Ahhh… Blood, sweat and tears on this project

  2. No tears yet, but one wrong move and they won’t be far away!

  3. Tears of Joy!! 🙂

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