Building a guitar headstock camera mount

I was meandering around online this morning and wandered via John Clark’s site, which has instructions for making a mount to attach a camera to a guitar headstock. I had an hour spare and all of the required bits and pieces, and so I knocked one up.

Very crude and very low tech, but does it work? Well, judge for yourself.

There are some improvements I want to make. I’m going to add additional bracing to reduce the vibration when I’m going for it, and I’m going to line the jaws with some adhesive rubber strip to avoid any risk of headstock damage. A diet to cut down on those man-boobs wouldn’t go amiss either.

The guitar is my self-made P90 loaded RockMangle, into my home built Ampmaker SE5a, going via the wah pedal on a Line 6 Pod XT Live. Recorded straight into the tinny mic on my Sony DSC T10 camera. One of these day’s I’ll work out how to combine it with a decent external mic…

2 thoughts on “Building a guitar headstock camera mount

  1. Now you’ve got me wondering if I could attach my webcam to the guitar. I’ve not done any guitar videos so far. I need to see what tech I can make use of.

  2. I’m sure it could be made to work with a webcam. Of course now that I’ve made it, and recorded a few videos, I’m suddenly hit with the “now what” moment! I’m sure it’ll come in handy one day though. 🙂

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