Voodoo Tele: Truss rod and neck tenon

We had fine weather on the Wirral today, and a forecast of rain for the rest of the week, so I made sure I got in a full day of guitar building. Luckily my two deliveries arrived within 30 minutes of each other early in the day and so I was able to get cracking.

First job was to rout the truss rod channel. I carefully set up my jig and checked that it ran parallel to my centre line.

Mounted up a piece of scrap MDF and did a test run.

…and the truss rod fits nice and kentucky.

So straight on to the real thing. Four passes with the 6mm straight cutter and I’m down to the required 9.5mm depth. One of the big scary jobs done and I’m happy with the result.

Next was on to cutting the top of the big neck tenon, carving in a faux neck heel.

Then flip it over to cut the bottom of the tenon. I routed across the base of the neck at an angle so that it will mate neatly with the body edge.

“Just like that”, as Tommy Cooper would say.

And here’s the finished tenon with the rest of the wood removed.

To finish off the day I routed out the morice in the body to accept the neck’s tenon. Here it is just started.

And here it is finished.

I left the top of the tenon approx 1mm proud of the body surface so the next task will be to plane and sand that down to be absolutely level, and then to rout the body cavity shapes into the tenon.

Then it’ll be on to cutting and shaping the headstock, the back of the neck, and starting a rough carve on the neck heel. And that leaves me with the scariest job of all: fretting. A rather apt name name for the activity from my perspective.

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