Voodoo Tele neck template and body roundover

My bid for the figured maple cap was successful so that is winging its way from Canada now, along with the double action trussrod, and pre-slotted/radiused ebony fretboard from LMI. While I’m waiting for these to arrive I decided to make the neck template and round-over the back edge of the body.

I’d printed up the neck pattern on A4 paper and, with a lot of measuring and checking against straight edges, had them all taped together. To make sure that this transferred to the template material accurately I “tacked” the paper pattern to a 2′ straight edge with masking tape.

This was then attached to the MDF with double-sided tape.

I rough cut it with the jigsaw. Using a clamped straight edge and my router with a top-bearing flush-cut bit, I cut the straight edges (round the body block, top and bottom of the neck, and the top edge of the headstock). I then used the spindle sanding attachments in the drill press to finish off the curves. And here is the neck template being checked against the body.

This felt like quite a step forward… suddenly I can see the guitar taking shape and, more importantly, I like what I see.

Next I decided to round-over the back edge of the body. This could have been done much later, but it needs doing, the router was already unpacked and won’t get in the way of and subsequent steps.

Telecasters originally has an 1/8″ round-over front and back. Later, in an attempt to make them slightly more comfortable, Fender switched to 1/4″. As you’ll have noticed, this is a far from traditional T-style build so I don;t feel at all constrained by tradition. I decided to go one step further and used a 10mm round-over cutter (approx 4/10″).

The front edge of the body will be getting a much smaller round-over. I’ve not yet decided but I’ll start with a 1/8″. If I’m not happy with it I can always recut at 1/4″.

6 thoughts on “Voodoo Tele neck template and body roundover

  1. You seem to get through a lot of MDF. Why not just make the guitar out of that stuff?

  2. Then I’d have to find something even cheaper/nastier for making my templates!

  3. This project is really looking great! Nice job.
    Where do you get your templates?

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