Voodoo Telecaster, making templates, shaping the body

I have a template for a Tele but, because this guitar will be heel-less and chambered, I needed to make new templates. I drew round the old one and made the changes for the lack of neck heel.

I trimmed roughly to size, taped the old template on and used the flush trim router cutter to do most of the body shape. The new heel profile was done routing against a straight edge. A quick fettle with the sandpaper and both are ready for the interior rout shapes.

The bottom template gets the body chambers and the top one gets the pickups and control cavity.

Next up came cutting the body blank to shape. I drilled holes around the perimeter to ease the jigsaw cut, particularly on the tight corners.

Next I attached a template using double sided sticky tape and used the top bearing flush trim cutter to follow the template shape, cutting about 5mm deep with each pass.

Round and round, until the top bearing cutter has gone as deep as it can, flip it over, swap to the bottom bearing cutter, and we’ve got something that is starting to look like a body.

With the chambering template attached, I used the drill press, with the depth stop set, to remove as much material out of the cavities as possible, to save the more expensive router cutter unnecessary work.

Back to the top bearing cutter and I started to trim the chambers. I only got two passes done before I needed to finish for the day, but I’m very pleased with the day’s efforts.

2 thoughts on “Voodoo Telecaster, making templates, shaping the body

  1. I’m going to have to get googling about different router cutters I think. Looks like a stunning peice of wood though….well as much as I can tell from a distance.

  2. Just shout when you’re ready to dive into the world of routing!

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