New guitar build underway

Over the last couple of days I’ve been planning out my next guitar build. The wood arrived on Friday and today I started drafting and printing out plans, ready for template making to start tomorrow. An exciting new area for me to tackle will be making my own neck.

In summary it will be a Thinline Telecaster style guitar but with a couple of unusual features. First off, I’m building this as a reverse headstock and using a left-handed bridge, inspired by the Fender’s Voodoo Strat, which was produced in homage to Hendrix. I really like the altered bridge pickup sound of a slightly warmer treble and twangier bass and I think this will suit a Telecaster.

The second unusual feature is that is is going to feature a through neck. It won’t go all the way back to the tail of the guitar, but the bridge and nut will be sitting on the same piece of wood. This picture shows the rough shape of the neck/body block.

So the main details of the guitar are;

  • Sapele chambered body (two piece) and thru neck (one piece) with heel-less join,
  • 6mm (1/4″) bookmatched maple cap (either flame or fiddleback depending on what I can get hold of),
  • 648mm (25.5″) scale length,
  • 21 fret ebony fretboard with just side markers,
  • Bone nut,
  • Left-handed telecaster bridge,
  • Axetec tuners and string trees,
  • Unique headstock design, with a nod to the original Tele shape,
  • Unique “f” hole design,
  • Chrome hardware,
  • Standard Telecaster controls (selector, volume and tone) but with phase reversal on push/pull pot,
  • My “signature” triple strap button layout.

I’ve not decided on the pickup combination yet but it will most likely be something from either Searcy String Works or The Creamery. The bridge pickup will be mounted as standard but, to avoid the need for a scratchplate or mounting ring, the neck pickup will be routed from the rear.

2 thoughts on “New guitar build underway

  1. nice template Dave, i did the same with my rack screamer, but sadly i noticed i stuck it down on a slight angle so all the control are progressively on a upwards rise… as for pickups have you thought about getting one of the pickups kits clint discussed with you?

  2. Hi Alfie, I’ve not decided about the pickups yet. It would be great to make my own (as I discussed with Clint) but I’m also tempted to get some from him or The Creamery (a local pickup builder).

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