3 thoughts on “Second pickup added. Picture of the “final” result

  1. So is it a more usable guitar now? You’ve obviously got a lot more sounds to play with.

    I like the idea of P90s. Maybe I should put P-Rails in my Gordon Smith. I’d have to think about how to wire it.

  2. Yes, it is definitely a more versatile beast now. I did have P-Rails in the Benford for a good while. Great for flexibility but effectively you end up with three pickup types (humbucker, P90 and single coil) that are each no better than average. The Axetec P90s are superb though and I’m amazed that I’ve gone this long before owning a P90 equipped guitar. For me it is just the perfect balance between humbucker and single coil; warm but with great clarity. For your GS, there are a number of people who make humbucker sized P90s. The GFS “Mean 90” has a very good reputation (see about half way down http://www.guitarfetish.com/Humbucker-Sized-Guitar-Pickups_c_26.html) and you can get a pair for about £45 plus shipping and taxes.

    If you do go with the P-Rails, check out the Seymour Duncan website. They have some great resources for wiring options. With a couple of push/pull pots added you can get most switching combinations.

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