Adding a second pickup

To add the second P90 pickup to my Les Paul Jnr-esque home-built guitar, I first drafted out, at 1:1 scale using Inkscape, the wood that I’d be removing.

I then did a test fit into an offcut of pine.

Once I was happy with it, I stuck the template on the front of the guitar, drilled two small pilot holes right through the body, and stuck a matching template onto the back of the guitar.

Then I got busy with the 8mm and 13mm drill bits.

Thankfully the exit holes matched up with the rear template.

I’m happy with how that turned out

In and amongst the other jobs I made the rear cavity cover. I cut, glued and clamped five sheets of maple veneer together.

Once dry, this was roughly cut to shape and then finished off with sandpaper.

Before a couple of coats of Danish Oil.

That will dry overnight, ready for assembly, wiring and testing tomorrow.

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