Upgrading my DIY guitar with a second pickup

I’ve only been playing it for a little over a week but I’ve already decided that the guitar needs to change. It is great at that one jangly, biting rock sound, but it is not fulfilling its potential to be so much more. To that end I’ve decided to add a second P90 pickup in the neck position. That means that I need to install a selector switch. At the same time I’m going to “soften” on my original aim of having no controls, by adding a simple master volume.

The extra parts arrived this morning and here is the layout I’m going for.

I borrowed the gold Gibson style speed knob from one of my other guitars. I’ve got an ivory coloured one on order that should be here in the next day or two.

Of course this means that I’m going to need to rout a control cavity in the back of the guitar, and this will need a cover. I cut five sheets of the maple veneer, alternating grain direction, glued and clamped them together to make my own rather luxurious plywood, where even the internal layers are highly figured bird’s eye maple.

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