Shaping the scratchplate and carving the heel

Where the scratchplate meets the control panel it didn’t exactly match up. This was more to do with the plans I followed than the quality of the parts, but it meant I needed to slightly reshape this curve.

In the picture below it shows the marked area I was cutting back to. I was going to use a sanding spindle, loaded with 60 grit, in my drill press.

I finished up with 600 grit wet and dry, and here’s the final result.

Next up was carving the heel. I marked out roughly where I wanted the carve and then set to with a 60 grit sanding spindle in my hand hand drill.

I’m really happy with the final shape. Not too radical but it certainly helps access to the upper frets.

Next up was drilling the string-through holes. The throat on my drill press was too small so I made up a jig to keep my hand held drill vertical and drilled away. I needed to drill the rebates for the 6mm ferrules to sit in the back of the body (to hold the ball-end of the string. Another quick MDF jig, drilling done, all sorted.

The final job this morning was to try and fix the problems with the tear outs on the bridge pickup rout. The veneers had arrived to I trimmed out a couple of pieces of maple with a pair of scissors, held them to some scrap wood and traced round them with a Stanley Knife. Using the 6mm cutter in the router, I cut out the very shallow rebate to inlay the maple. Buggered it up the first time so I had another two goes on scrap wood before I was totally happy with what I was doing, then took a deep breath and did the body. It needed a little cleaning at the edges with the Stanley Knife and the inlays dropped right in. A light smear of Titebond under each of them, cover with clingfilm and clamp together. I’ll leave them a couple of hours and see how they turn out.

2 thoughts on “Shaping the scratchplate and carving the heel

  1. This is looking Great!!

  2. Thanks! Looking forward to getting all of the final sanding done today and getting the finish on. Only a few days away from assembly and set up now.

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