2 thoughts on “Pictures of the finished RockMangle

  1. It looks great, but weird with no knobs. I will be interested in how that works out.

    The double strap buttons is such a sensible idea, but you don’t see it on many mass-produced guitars.

  2. I’ve noticed two differences about not having any knobs. The first is that I’ve a tic that I never realised I had. I keep dropping my hand and try to check that everything is turned up full (I very rarely use anything except full vol/tone). The other is that the output of this thing is HUGE. On my little valve amp I can induce a crunch with the gain at 3, whereas even on my Hohner, with the high output pickups, it doesn’t crunch until the gain hits 6 or 7. It is amazing how much signal is lost in a simple passive vol/tone circuit.

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