Cutting and carving the Telecaster body

When I posted earlier about making the body template, it had just started raining and looked like it was going to be setting in for the day, and progress would stop there. I was wrong and within minutes it had cleared up and I was able to get cracking again.

Here’s the chunk of wood I’m starting with.

I roughly cut out the body, taking it very slowly with a hand-held jigsaw.

Plenty of double-sided tape on the template and stick to the rough cut body blank.

Using the router with a top bearing flush cutter, follow round the template. Here it is after the first two passes.

Using the forstner bit in the drill press to remove material from the the pickup and control cavities.

And here’s the body at the end of today’s effort, which included using the router to clean out the cavities, sanding the front and carving a modest forearm bevel and belly cut.

If the weather holds tomorrow I’ll be routing the neck pocket, drilling the jack socket hole, radiusing the front and back body edges, and sanding everything ready for the finishing which, if all goes well, should be happening on Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “Cutting and carving the Telecaster body

  1. I don’t have a tele…I want the second DavMac tele 🙂

  2. Streuth! It is amazing how quickly the orders build up. 🙂

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