Finishing the guitar with Danish Oil

The finishing process is well underway now and I’ve applied five coats of Rustin’s Danish Oil.

I had noticed that after the third coat that there were a couple of dull spots developing on the body. I’m not sure if this was down to my application technique or it was a particularly absorbent section of the body. Probably the former. I had been applying the oil with a lint-free cotton french polisher’s cloth, but I switched to a two-stage process for each coat. I used 1200 wet and dry soaked in the oil to flat back the previous coat and apply the oil at the same time, and then use the cloth to remove any excess and leave a very thin layer of oil on the surface. This seems to be working really well and the dull spots have disappeared. Please note that I’ve not seen anyone else advocating this technique for application. It seems to be working OK for me but if you try it, and bugger it up, it is not my fault, right?

My limited photography skills have not proven to be a match for capturing an accurate impression of the finish and contours of the body from pictures alone, so I recorded a short snippet of video this morning that, hopefully, does the guitar a little more justice.

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