Finished off Tequila

I posted earlier in the week about how I’d been keeping myself out of trouble, and spent a pleasant afternoon messing about with Reaper. In between the project guitar work I found time to record myself and my son “singing” and I also received a vocal track in the mail from Six String Bliss forum member, Doug from the fine band Triangle Exception. I did a final mix of the song and combined it with a montage of photographs from our annual busking sessions. It was on these days out where I first learned to play this song (and love the drink).

  • All of the recording was done in Reaper v3.75.
  • Drums and main percussion used EZ Drummer’s Nashville and Latin kits respectively.
  • The Marimba was done in MIDI using the excellent free VSTi MDI Hammer.
  • The bass was my old cheap Aria Pro II.
  • The majority of the guitars were done with my Telecaster, although there is a very small snippet (at 1:40) of my Hohner G2T.
  • All bass and guitars were recorded direct and then put through the AmpliTube 3 simulator.

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