Cutting the top carve templates

I’ve made good progress today but it is just going to be a short working day because I’m meeting friends for lunch.

First off I broke out the 16″ scroll saw and rough cut the templates for carving the top.

And this one gives a rough idea of the shape of the carve. Each of these templates is 6mm thick, whereas the each step will be 3mm, so a exaggerates the carve by a factor of two.

With the templates rough cut I trimmed down the lower horn of the body to the shape I was after. I don’t have access to a bandsaw and was worried that the scoll saw would find it too much, but I took it slow and it was fine.

While all this was going on, the postie arrived with a load of wee packages for me. The chrome wrap-around bridge, P90 pickup, chrome tulip tuners, and the 9.5mm top bearing router bit. Woohoo. I couldn’t resist trying to get an idea of how the finished guitar will look.

Right, that’s enough for now. I’d better get changed and head off to Liverpool for lunch. Mmmmm Thai food.

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