Stripping the neck and further research

Today’s job has been to strip the paint from the neck. I’d originally planned to break out the 80 grit and just sand it off. I immediately realised that 80 grit paper is not very discerning and will happily remove wood as well as lacquer and paint. This would be particularly relevant to the areas of detail around the headstock, where it would be very difficult to just take off the paint without, to some extent, reshaping the wood underneath. I quickly changed tack, popped round to the local hardware store and grabbed myself a pack of Nitromors paint remover. The rest of the afternoon has been spent applying it liberally, leaving it to rest for 5-10 mins and then getting busy with the scraper.

In between times I’ve been doing some more research into how I can carve the top of the body. The most helpful advice I’ve found was in this video by Youtube user “A1373S9865”.

Now I don’t have the infrastructure to do the routing like this but, using those principles I’m going to work out how to do something similar with jigs/templates and a free-hand router.

Here are some of the pictures of the paint stripping in action.

First, all masked up ready to go;

Now after the first couple of “coats” and light scrapes;

Almost done now;

And this is the area that has been most difficult to do, but I’m just taking my time and letting the product do its stuff;

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