Next project guitar underway

I’ve got a couple of weeks off work and so the next project is underway. I gathered together all of the bits and pieces I need, and put together a shopping list of tools, materials and parts I’ll need.

I’d already got the body blank (above) and had been lucky enough to find a slightly damaged 24.75″ scale neck on eBay for just £4.70. Today I ordered the bridge and a couple of new router bits and picked up a new surform and some MDF for making routing jigs. Whilst I’m waiting for the bits and pieces to ship I’m going to start work on stripping the paint from the neck. As you can see from the picture above, I’ve already marked out the location of the main components. You’ll see a line, about an inch in from the edge of the body – this is to guide the carve – the deepest cut will go from this line to the edge, leaving approx 1/4″ of the maple cap as a faux binding.

The basic plan for the guitar is to build something along the lines of a Les Paul Junior, but with some significant differences. The main one will be that it is going to feature a carved top. The neck I have is of a bolt on variety but the section that fits into the neck pocket is much longer than usual so it is going to be getting repurposed into a set/glued neck. The body shape is going to be different to the standard Les Paul, with a much rounder lower horn. Aside from that, it’ll feature a wrap-around tune-o-matic bridge and a single cream P90 bridge pickup (soapbar rather than the more usual dog-ear). Electrically this is going right back to basics and the pickup will be wired directly to the output jack. Volume and tone controls are for wimps. This thing will be turned up to full all the time anyway.

I’ve chosen to go with chrome hardware, and I’m still undecided about the body colour. I’m going to finish the guitar in Danish oil, but haven’t yet made up my mind whether to have a go at a subtle sunburst.

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