2010 in review

Today I received an interesting email from the fine folk at WordPress with an interesting summary of what happened on the blog. A lot more than I’d expected!

Their summary is that “This blog is on fire!” but I think they might be buffing my todger with that one.

They go on to point out that if each view was a shipping container, I’d have had about three ships worth. I suppose this is to make is seem like a huge number, but then again, somebody clicking a link and ending up here is a bit different to a big metal box stuffed full of more crap from China.

I made 64 posts in 2010. A lot more than I’d remembered, although I still seem to fall in and out of the habit. Hey, it’s more than one a week, which, for a blog of this nature is about right.

And the most popular posts in 2010?


Installing Variable Voltage Regulator (VVR) in a valve amp March 2010


Fender Telecaster Wallpaper March 2010


Building my amp kit step-by-step February 2010


Review of the Benford Custom – A Telecaster/Les Paul Hybrid March 2010


The Bullmastiff: A DIY Fuzz Pedal April 2010

All in all not a bad year and I’ll be delighted if 2011 keeps going in the same direction.

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